Why haven´t I blogged anything about Sweden?

A question that popped up in my head when I was reading through old posts here on the blog (just to remind myself what I have been writing during the 2 years) I realized I havent really written anything about Sweden.
My native country where I grew up and where I travel maybe once a year.
Last time was for a week over easter in April 2012 and before that.. I think it was January 2011 right after I got back from Africa the first time.

To be honest, I rather go to Sweden as little as possible since there are so many other interesting countries in the world that I rather spend my vacation days on visiting.
But still.

Why not?

Probably because I don’t feel that there is nothing interesting to write about from Sweden.
I lived in Sweden for 28 years of my life so for me it isn’t any special, but those of you who read this blog might be interesting to read whatever my views are on Sweden.

I promise that I will become better at it and as I will go to Sweden in a few weeks time to make sure that one of my best friends gets married, I will write something about the trip and the usual things that goes on in Sweden and Stockholm.

Last time I was in Sweden i became a little bit shocked over how they had rebuilt the motorways in Stockholm.
Also I went to visit my older sister and my niece that I hadn´t seen in probably 7 or 8 years.
I actually drove all over Sweden to meet up with a lot of people I didnt see in years.

I do have to admit that the flag of Stockholm is one of the most beautiful flags I know.
And I sometimes get a bit sentimental memories when I look at pictures of Stockholm.

Early Sunday morning on the way home from the pub in July 2006

Early Morning over Stockholm and Slussen in Sweden

Early Morning over Stockholm and Slussen in Sweden

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