Being a traveller can also be hard as people are so interested in where your next destination will be. It got to the point that the security officer at my workplace always asks me where I am off next to as he has gotten used to the fact that I have a more “dark” tourism around me and that i prefer to go to places most tourists don’t go to.
He heavily questioned my motivation and reasons to go and visit Belarus which I did in April 2011 based on the assumption that “they are bad guys”. The fact of him being American himself I guess makes him see the world in a little bit more black and white light then I do.
When I mentioned that I would do a 2 weeks tour of Albania this summer he just looked at me and answered “Well, that’s nothing. You disappoint me. Albania loves USA” and walked off.
While most my colleagues and a lot of friends questioned my motifs as usual as in their world Albania is still a dangerous and lawless country on the map.

With my two newfound friends outside the Minsk Library April 2011

With my two newfound friends outside the Minsk Library – April 2011

But am I really missing something by not going to these top vacation spots where everyone else are going?
I´ve been thinking on it and made some small research about it.
Should make a point here that I always do an amount of research when I have an idea of a place or thoughts of a place i would like to visit. I can make half an itinerary and then just put it in my scrap drawer for possible future use.
The drawer is starting to get full. Meaning my head with plans and itineraries but it comes useful if I later find myself going in that direction as I just have to blow off the dust and the spiderweb of my head and then have half of the info and work done already 🙂

But back to the subject if I am missing out on something.
Being a high tourist destination can actually play in your favour as you can find sweet package deals on cheap flights and accommodation.
I discovered this when working on my other website that Expedia, one of the larger booking companies, very often offer great package deals for top vacation spots and sometimes the prices are unbelievable low for last minute decisions.
So it can really pay off to check them now and then.

One of the places that I really would like to visit, and that is often on good deals, is Mexico.
Mostly you find great deals to Cancun and I guess I could go there and visit it.
But I guess I would get a little bit bored as I am not really up for beach all the time.
According to the USNews article of the top 7 places in Mexico Cancun only ends up on 6th place, even being passed by Mexico City.
There are several places I would like to visit in Mexico and as the country is big I would need to get a looong vacation I guess to be able to visit what I want.

A friend of mine once went to Mexico for vacation and ended up staying for 6 months because he missed his flight back to Europe.
Another one studies there for a year and I’ve heard stories from both of them as well as I have hosted Mexicans here at my home and work with some of them.
And also Mexico is just the gate to further travel down to Central America and visit the countries there.

Time will tell as usual but hopefully in 2014.

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