The purpose of this site you most likely have figured out already by the name of it.

Yup, it is gonna be a blog about my travels.

Those of you who know me also knows I like to travel,  a lot, and often to places where “regular” people wouldn’t wanna go.

So next upcoming trip is gonna take place between 21st December 2010 to 17th January 2011.

4 weeks that will be spent in Western Africa, through 5 countries, where 4 are recognized and one is occupied still.

The countries I will be passing through are Morocco, Western Sahara (Occupied by Morocco), Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia.

The thought is that I will be producing a video diary while on the road in Africa and post here, as I did when I was in Asia last year, this is also one of the reasons for this website.

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