Knowing that I will soon be standing on African soil is making me happy.

Even though I wish time would move faster I know that I am gonna be standing there soon.
I dont know what it is neither can I describe it but there is something that pulls me back.
Everytime Ive been there I have been enchanted to go back and I have.
Tanzania will be my 3rd time on the African continent.

First trip was for a month over Xmas and New Years in 2010-2011 when I did the stretch Marocco, West Sahara, Mauritania and Senegal during 29 days. My longest trip so far but also the trip that gave me the taste and flavour of Africa.
A lot of good memories from that trip from music, movies, art, food, people and landscape. Who could believe that sand can be so beautiful as I experienced in Mauritania or that Saint-Louis in Senegal gave me thoughts of Berlin with all the music and people dancing on the streets?

That was the first time I learnt what “African time” means.

Second time I returned was only for 17 days but through Ethiopia and Djibouti in December 2011. Yet again the amazing experiences of people and nature.
Highlight of the trip was of course snorkling with the friendly giants outside the coast of Djibouti – The whale sharks, but also sitting in the small turboprop plane flying over the dramatic landscape of Ethiopia and see the amazing monolith churches of Lalibela.

Africa is amazing and I cant wait to travel more extensive there through more countries..
And I will soon.
Very soon.

Day 12 – Crossing a border from Clabbe Bjurstrom on Vimeo.

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