To campervan or not to campervan ?

December 31, 2012 in Blog, Europe, Uncategorized

Me in a campervan at some lake

Me in a campervan at some lake

A campervan, or motorhome if you like, is something I have thought about before a couple of times.

I mean it gives you pretty much freedom in the case of where to sleep and if not it saves you the cost of paying a hotel or hostel as well as you can, depending on the local laws, park anywhere and just sleep. Been thinking about using a campervan a few times when doing my European road trips here and there. Just seem so convenient.
When I went to Bulgaria last year I found the webpage of a Czech guy who had left everything here in Czechia and had bought a big MB cargo car and converted it into his own campervan and he hasn´t looked back since he left some 4 years ago.
That is total freedom.

I was scanning around the net for one of my travel itineraries and found that you can actually organise a campervan hire pretty cheap in UK by using the site erento. A site where rental companies, in this case for campervans, are listed and offer their selection that is for rent. And it is good to actually be able to see what different companies charges as it gives you a price picture. As well as it gives you all the different options on what type of campervan you might wanna hire and with how many berths as you might go on a trip with friends just then yourself.

England, or rather the whole of UK is a country I havent really seen. Sure I have been to many places in the country like Hastings where I lived for 4 weeks during a christening camp when I was 15 or Manchester where I lived for a month back in 2006 when I was hired by the worlds largest oil company to help them migrate their customer service desk from Manchester to Prague. Or Northern part of England and Newcastle/Durham area that I have visited a few times since my younger sister moved there in 2002.
But I have never visited Wales or as much of Scotland as I have wanted to do. At least the norther parts of Scotland and even maybe have a look if I manage to see Nessie?
Of course it will be a little bit more expensive with a campervan but considering that you sleep in it you don’t pay for any accommodation so in the end it can actually become cheaper if not the same price.
And the price of freedom as well.

Now would it be a good choice to use a campervan for travelling around in United Kingdom?
Why not?
Since even the Queen of United Kingdom apparently took a ride in a campervan recently while visiting Bristol according to this Sun article then why would we “normal” people without blue blood in out vessels not do it? If it fits for a royalty then it fits for us as well!

Oh yeah, if you didnt notice… the picture is a montage.. Just to avoid any misunderstandings.