When the clock struck 15:00 I logged off the work phone and computer and headed out of the grey office building where I spend my days as an employee for a large Telecom company when I’m not on the travelling path.
It was Friday and the road was laying ahead of me for a fast but intensive weekend journey on 1000km to Italy.
A friend of mine was going home to Italy to hand over his dogs to a companion as he was moving from his house in the outskirts of Prague and closer in to the city center.
It’s hard to keep large dogs in an apartment and especially if they always have lived in their own small house outside on a yard.


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

For the trip in honor he had borrowed a car from a common friend and yet a third friend from Germany was joining us to Italy.
The car is a Renault Clio, however imported from Ireland meaning right side steering and running on Romanian licens plates.
If we would have been pulled over the situation would have been quite international.
A french car, imported from Ireland with Romanian plates driven by a Swedish and an Italian passport holder, carrying two Czeckoslovakian wolf dogs with Italian passports and a third person of Ukranian decent holding a German passport.
I so wished we would be pulled over just to see how the whole story would roll out.
And the fact that the steering was on the “wrong” side would probably just confuse even more 🙂

The whole international collaboration set off towards Plzen to exit Czech Republic.
It was a grey and rainy day which I prefer as it wont be too warm in the car to drive a long distance

Massimo was the first driver and managed to miss the turn off for the road towards Munich, giving us a 30min longer drive as we had to turn around. We climbed up through the mountains in Southern Germany and through Austria stoping at a small gas station in Austria to fuel up the car and ourselves with some liquids. I know a funny joke about Austria, very political incorrect one I should add, and I found this in the newspaper shelf in the gas station which just fueled my viral imagination more making me giggled a little bit.

At the Austrian gas station

At the Austrian gas station

The drive to Italy was pretty eventless and it was already dark when we finally reached the Italian border entering what is known as Südtirol.  The road through Austria had been horrible and dark as it had been light rain all the way but as we crossed into Italy the moon had come out shining up the road ahead.
We had been on the road for some 7 hours and yet there was about 4 hours drive left to reach the outskirts of Florence which was the end destination. I dozed off on and off in the night and got woken up by Massimo as we reached our destination at 04:30 in the morning.

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