So where did I spend my New Years Eve?

January 1, 2013 in Blog, Czech Republic, Europe, Photos, Uncategorized

New Years Eve 2012/2013 – Where did I actually spend it?

After a lot of researching and thinking back and forth with some thoughts and ideas that I posted here on where to spend New Years Eve, I just decided to stay in Prague anyways.
I actually didn’t do much at all as I didn’t really had the mood to go out and party.
Or to put it as one of my colleagues did whom I  was chatting too previous during the evening “too many options tonight..”

So I decided to stay indoors and play it safe just like I did with New Years Eve in 2010/2011 when I was sitting in a run down hotel room in Ad-Dahkla, West Sahara as the clock struck midnight.
No alcohol, no fireworks, nothing.
Just a book to read.
The following morning I took a taxi to Mauritania.

Last New Year s Eve was harder and took me 2 days to recover from and some moments here and there are missing from that evening. This year I just took it easy with a few beers and watched the fireworks from the terrace of the flat Im temporarely staying in at the moment. Going to work tomorrow again so I think that my decision was alright.
Maybe next year will be horrible again?

Other friends were out and as I didnt take any photos myself, I got the permission from a Portugese friend to use one of his photos from last night. This was what Prague looked like New Years eve 2012/2013 from the castle area.

New year firework prague

Photo: Ruben Fragoso