We had yet another sauna experience as the morning sun hit the tent and had warmed it up enough to wake us up at around 08:30.  Headed down through the hippie village to the showers and found that breakfast was served and went to grab some to try to wake up and hope that the stomach would handle it well.
Milk, white bread, jam, yellow hard cheese and egg was what was offered and I took it all. Only thing irritating is those damn wasps that was flocking around where ever the jam was placed. No matter if it was in the jar, on the knife or on the piece of bread that you were about to eat, the bastards are there to eat something sweat.
After the morning rituals which included breakfast, shower, toothbrushes we hit the beach which is 200 meters from the camping and started to apply the sun lotion. Tereza rented two beach chairs and a parasol for 4 euros for the day and we assumed grilling positions. Now my girlfriend has a little darker skin then me in nature so she fitted into the scene while I most likely looked like a beached Moby Dick, a sperm whale.
Also we were curious about the Ionian sea and we jumped into it or rather I jumped into it while Tereza stood and was complaining that it was to cold even though it was much warmer than the small river up in the mountains had been a few days earlier. But the sea was much saltier and soon my eyes were burning from the salt and the sun lotion that was running into it. Also as my sun glasses had broken during our mountain trip I had nothing to protect me from the sun which made me gazer with my eyes which made me even more tired in my head
It was nice just laying in the water doing nothing.

That is practically what were doing the first day at the beach. Just nothing.
We noticed that people started disappearing around 14:00 and we assumed it was to have lunch and we decided to go with the flow and had a light salad before we went back to grilling position.
After a few hours I had enough and we left the beach to have a shower and freshen up before dinner.
I wanted to find a pair of sunglasses as it really had disturbed me during the day and we drove to the nearby city called Himare to try to find some and it seems that it is basically impossible to find any in Albania by the beach but as we were driving through Himare I spotted some on a rack and now we needed to find a spot to park the car.
That was found about a kilometer away after passing a big down hill. We walked to the shop and tried some different shades until i found a pair that i took and Tereza bought a neon green floating mattress for the beach.
We came back to the camp at around 20:30 and were done to have dinner. People were sitting waiting in the table area, everyone playing card and as Tereza went to ask for the food she was informed that the dinner would be ready at about 21:15.
No wonder they had offered us dinner when we had arrived at 22.30 the evening before.
So we sat down and Tereza introduced me to her card game called Monopoly Deal, a game I never played before and I was loosing terrible in it until the dinner was served.
Pasta with tomato sauce, a small salad and water melon as dessert. Simple but filling.
We hit the tent around midnight and watched “A journey to mysterious island” until the computer ran out of battery.

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