After a quiet few months where I only have managed to be in Sicily for a couple of days with my girlfriend, I will finally go out on adventure again.
This time we will be driving, yes driving, in a 1987 Skoda in the color red and referred to as “The Ferrari” by my girlfriend, the 1350km from Prague, CZ to the the first point on our 14 days discovery trip of The land of Eagles, Shqipëri – Albania.
Of course we will not drive the whole distance in one day but take a break off in Budapest over night and visit a new found friend.
Im really looking forward to this road trip as I was previously ion Albania back in 2009 but only in the capital, Tirana, for 1½ day due to problems with the flight.
This time we will do everything there is to do, ok maybe not everything, but we are covering most of what Albania have to offer during the 14 days we are there, at least that is what I would like to believe.

We first enter Shkoder where we will be staying for the night and also leave the car before heading up with a furgon (minibus) up to the remote mountain village of Theth in the northern alps of Albania.
Here we will stay for the reminder of the day and make ourselves acclimatised with teh area and the day after hike the trail over to Valbone valley. Now the trail is said to be 12km, but can also be 15km, all depends on who you ask.
Did I mention that the area is supposed to be full of bears, wolves, boars and vipers?

As well as AK47s.
We bring our tent so at least we will have a place to sleep.

We will descend down from the mountains and take the ferry ride on Lake Koman and back to Shkoder to discover the city and pick up the car again.
Then a few historical stops in Lezhe and Kruje to follow the history and the greatness of the Albanian hero legend Skanderbeg followed by a short stop to Tirana.
Time to discover the coast line which is described as the Albanian Riviera by staying in Jale for 3 days. Just relax.

Then again we hit the UNESCO town of Gjirokaster and follow up to the eastern mountains of the resort Dharde before once again start the long drive back to Prague again.
We have no idea if the car will hold all the way but we hope it will.
That is the part of a road trip.
and some luck.

Pics, video and blogging will be done as much as possible.

Map below in more details of places and stops we will land at, click on “View Larger Map” in the left corner under the picture for all details on a bigger map.


  1. Östman says:

    I have driven to Albania from Sweden twice, but haven’t really spent very much time there. The first time was just a quick day-trip from Montenegro and back. The second time we entered Albania from Macedonia at Pogradec by Lake Ohrid. The road between Pogradec and Tirana is very interesting. The part from Elbasan is by some sources considedered by some as one of the most dangerous road in the world! 🙂 But everything went just fine… We talked about visiting Thet but there was unfortunately no time for that.

    Last year the road between Hani i Hotit (Montenegro border) and Shkoder was in terrible condition, but they were working on improving it.

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