It’s almost time.
I bought the bus tickets that are gonna transfer me from Prague to Sofia a few days ago.
A 18 hour bus ride to take me back to my beloved Bulgaria where we will be staying for 2 days before boarding the plane taking us to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.
I’m excited at the same time a bit stressed.

I’m moving to a new flat this week and then go to Sweden for the wedding for a few days.
You could say I am a master of time management or just plain stupid since I will be coming back from Sweden on a Monday late morning and go direct to work.
Work a late shift, that is until 21, and then go home and pack and be back at work on Tuesday morning at 7 for a morning shift and go direct from work to the bus that takes us to Sofia.

Then 2 nights in Bulgaria so I can eat all my favourite food again, I still think Bulgaria has the best food of all countries I’ve been too!, and some beers.

Tanzania is still not 100% staked out as I usually do it but this time I haven’ t really cared.

Will try to “waste” some time and take it easy some days but I do have a loose plan for the first couple of days from Dar es Salaam, flying to Kilimanjaro and up to a Safari to Ngorongoro crater and Lake Natron.

kilimanjaro tanzania

Picture from

Stay a few days in the little town Moshi, by the foot of Kilimanjaro, so I can at least get out on the step and snap a few pictures of the mountain since I wont climb it.  Would have loved to do it though as I could have bragged about being in the lowest point in Africa, Lac Assal in Djibouti, and at the highest point in Africa.
After that we have almost a week with nothing planned before hitting Zanzibar for a few days.

And what should I see in Zanzibar?
More than snorkeling a bit and visit a spice farm I have no idea.

I’m a bit tired right now and have been for a couple of days.
Hoping I’m not getting sick because I really don’t have time for that.


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