Some of you might wonder what the hell this post is about..Dont worry, hopefully you will understand soon as I need to air my opinion.
When I met my girlfriend last year I didn’t know that every time we would travel together, we would be three. It was something I would get to realize later when I thought we would have some privacy.

You know, boyfriend and girlfriend together like a relationship usually is.

I’m not 100% sure about how Tereza and he met but I know that they have been travelling together for a few years. Where she has gone, he has usually joined. No matter if it was to France, Poland, Slovakia, Egypt, Tunisia or any other country he has always been there to comfort her.

For me it was kind of hard in the beginning as he joined us wherever we travelled.
Now latest through all of Balkan. It has been a kind of rivalry between us in some ways but I have had to back off every time simply because Tereza protects him. And I thought that she and me was in the relationship. Apparently he is included into the relationship and I can either accept it or breakup.

If she is travelling he is joining, even without me.
I have tried to talk to my girlfriend about him but every time I have lost the argument and my point. I know he is smiling at me out of share joy knowing that I will never be able to get rid of him.

Ladies and gentlemen, Meet my antagonist, meet Hroch

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