As we had more time then we expected we decided to make a turn yo the city nearby Shipka, a place called Kazanlak. Everything that we had read online more or less painted up the city as something big, something worth seeing and also according to the guide, they had a pazar that should be worth visiting. Pazar means bazar but sounds more like a Finnish person saying it in Swedish, as Finns usualy have great difficulties to pronounce the letter B and pronunces it as a P instead, however when we came to the pazar, we started to look for it. Was this it? Was this what was called a “must see”? It was nothing more then a few stalls together as they have back home in Prague on the asian markets. Nothing much or different from what we have at home. We decided to find something to eat instead as it was late afternoon and headed back to the center where we found a hole in the wall selling different kebaps and other things. I took a 0.5 liter of bottled water and drank it all in one go and noticed that all the employees, there was 6 or 7 of them, were starring at me whispering between them as the plastic bottled got disformed when I suck out all of the water. No english spoken and as we couldnt pronunce what we wanted to eat we instead pointed at a picture that was depicting a kind of a shawarma. Unfortunatelly there was a lot of different meals depicted as well on the board and we ended up getting something completely different from what we ordered. We got a bun which had some form of a thick slicked sausage, with fries and tons of ketchup and mayionese which was rather disc sting and after a few bites I instead donated the thing to the trashcan. The stray dogs however appriciated it and had a gourmet dinner in the grass behind the trashcan after managing to dig it out. My advice, if you are ever in the area, dont bother go here.

Driving again
After two days in Shipka we headed on to what would become to be three days at the coast to soak in the salty air and smell of rotten seaweed. Things I do miss coming from a coastal country and living in a landlocked country. The 210km that was to the city of Burgas from where we started really showed me the craziness of Bulgarian drivers. There is no rules on the road to the coast it seems like. We were heading there on the Friday so I assume a lot of people were heading to the coast for a mini holiday as the weather was still favouble for a last visit to the coast in the beginning of September, not to mention that the Tuesday was a public holiday as well so people had a few days off. I saw so many near misses and fortunatelly yet still amazingly, no accidents on this road. I would like to raise a finger to those drivers who had a few kids in the backseat though but still drove like they were Michael Shumacher and had no fear for oncoming traffic or any respect for any lines in the road no matter if it was an intersection, a non-pass zone or simply an exit of the road. The most shocking however was that a big lorry overtook me when I was doing 100 on a 90 road, yes I was speeding a little to gain some speed to overtake a few trucks coming up infront of me, but then I was passed by the lorry.

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