Sometimes when I travel I can get pretty tired of public transportations as I am limited to their time schedule, which is if there is even public transportation to where I want to go.
This is especially true when travelling in Africa where it is not uncommon to squeeze in up to 9 people into a regular car to maximize the profit. You are lucky to get a seat by the window so that you can hang halfway out to get space and if not than you are packed as a sardines in a tin can.

Sometimes I just want to be able to go where ever I want to go, without being limited to what kind of public transportation there is. Sometimes I am tight on time but want to see as much as possible. That is usually when I start looking into the possibilities to rent a car. Renting a car can also, just as finding flight tickets, be a real time consuming burden though as there are so many vendors and rental outlets to choose from. All of them with their own set of rules and prices.

Rental prices are fluxuating hugely depending on factors like countries due to insurance, taxes, roads, opening hours of the rental place, location where you pick up/drop the car, age, mileage and so on. Not always are all the charges clear either.
The most expensive countries to rent a car in is actually in Africa and not always can you rent a car and drive yourself but a driver is included. Funny enough, sometimes it is even cheaper to rent a car with a driver then to drive alone because of the condition of the roads and the style of driving of the country. If you drive yourself the insurances are skyrocketing.

When I am hunting for a car to rent, I always make sure that unlimited miles/kilometers are included in the price as you never know what you will find along the way. Maybe I find a road that I find interesting and decides to drive down? If you have a fixed limit of distance than these adventure decisions can become quite costly when you return the car as rental companies usually charge you extra per mile/kilometer for a drive that is longer than what they include into the rental price.

Another important feature is the included insurance in the rental. Always make sure what exactly is included and also what you are liable for in case of an event, any event in fact. Fortunately I have never really had many problems with rental cars in any place where I have had it. In Syria there was a small discussion though since I prolonged my rental for two extra days and the company suddenly tried to charge me double as it hadn´t been agreed in advance. Other than that I have been safe and you should too if you rent a car.

You never know what is waiting out there for you.

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