Through my travels and also through my life I have come across a decent bunch of airlines.

I flew Swiss Airlines to Malta in 2009 and was amazed over the food quality after been flying around ‘on a decent bunch of low-cost carriers to different parts of the world. Well, I must admit that Air Asia did impress me with their menu but I never ate on their flights. Then in 2011 when I flew to Africa for the second time I flew with Turkish Airlines.

Hands down.

I never had any better airline food in my life.

But Turkish has also had a huge promotial gear going on, not least here in CZ, where I have seen the metro stations been plastered with pictures of for example Kevin Costner or Kobe Bryant thinking I should fly Turkish.
Took a few years until I did but that was mearly because they were the cheapest.
This is however a great commercial from Turkish Airlines that was released yesterday

    • Clabbe says:

      I will see how the food will be on Qatar Airways when I fly to Tanzania. However being rated a 5 star… Im sure I will be pleased even in economy seat 🙂

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