I had the fortune to be hosted by an old friend of mine, Anna, who I used to work together with some 10 years ago if not more.
And of course with Anna comes her twin sons Alexander and William.
As I arrived after picking up my camera I was immediately attacked by the 6 year old masters of the household and they started climbing all over me. Should also point out that this was the first time I ever meet the boys.
I guess I have a good precense with kids in general.
Even their mother was surprised how relaxed and brave they were around me and not shy at all.
Takes one to know one I guess or maybe they just recognize me as one of themself, childlike and shy.



While one of the sons was dressed as Spiderman as he was going to attend a school masquerade I stayed home with the other one and played WII where I literally got my ass kicked hard.

First time I have ever played WII and back in the good old days when I played any form of TV or computer games you had a joypad/joystick and played with it.
Suddenly I had 2 things put in my hand and I had to start waving my hands all around the space in front of me as if I was on a dangerous mosquito hunt.
It really felt weird and I probably looked like an idiot.
AND I got my ass kicked by a 6 year old.
That is something that usually never happens.
But it is ok, I can take the defeat.

The following day the temperature had risen during the night and it was only about -5 degrees when I stepped out of the doorway of Anna’s house to get picked up by the other organizer of the wedding.
The car steered south and as we were driving we talked about what was to come, as this was the first time we saw each other rather than the weekly skype calls and mails and messages on Facebook back and forth to organize this wedding.

mansionWe got to the mansion in southern Stockholm where the whole thing would be held.
Walked up to meet my friends who after 10 years together decided to get married and opened the door to the dressing room on the second floor and stumbled upon a half-naked bride getting dressed.
Now the bride and me have the same humor so we had no awkwardness or embarrassment more than a few quick lines to each other where she asked if I wanted to do it now while she was still not married or if we should do it after the ceremony.

The photographer was on site and it was time for the pictures to be taken… outside!
Me who should know better didn’t take any jacket with me so I was walking around in my suit assisting the soon-to-be-married couple during the photo shoot with carrying their coats while they were getting photographed.
I think I managed to cool myself down quite a bit as I started to get all the inital symptoms of a cold during the next coming hours during the wedding. Fortunatelly they also shot some photos indoors.


The guest arrived and as one of the organizers I had the duty to meet and greet the people walking into the mansion.
It got quickly quite full in the minor entrance hall before we let the people go upstairs and have a seat so that the couple could sneak down the back way and come walking up the stairs when everyone was waiting.

The intro music was “Phantom of the opera” – quite catchy actually and I would never have thought of having it in a wedding but it fitted right in to their characters.
After the ceremony it was time for me to gather the people around and make a toast in honour of the newly married couple and then head down to be seated for the food and entertainment.

The evening rolled on without any major glitches, sure there were a minor ones here and there but that mainly depended on the people attending.
The couple had a magican performing during the dinner and he managed to tear off some really good laughters when he started to undress to make his final number of getting himself out of a straight jacket.


I had to resort to painkillers a la paracetamol to be able to control my increasingly sneezing and headache.
A great start as I was heading for my vacation the following days.

The following day I just stayed at home with a minor fever and felt like a faded flower most of the day.
I did however manage to convince the couple to promise me never to get married in January again.

In the end… Congratts to the married couple!


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