Today a new adventure starts for me.
Another of my travel dreams have finally come true.
Im going to the last dictatorship in Europe.

Flying from Prague to Warsaw and taking the train further on to Terespol at the border.
There I will pass through the customs, get my passport scanned, visa checked, my whereabouts staying explained and buy the mandatory Belarusian travel insurance.
All this before I can get on the next train departing into Belarusian territory and first stop, Brest.

Reaching Brest at night time (Belarus is on Easter European timezone strange enough) I will not be able to explore the city and the famous fortress until tomorrow.

Thursday morning Im embarking on the morning train to Minsk to spend a few days in the capital.
As Minsk was levelled with the ground during WW2 the architecture and reconstruction is in a total Stalinistic style.
This have raised the discussions in UNESCO of a probable classification as a UNESCO heritage site.
If it will be passed and respected is another side of the coin that time will show.
Personally Im a little bit delirious to see this grand and monsteruos monuments and glorification of a time passed everywhere in the world except in Belarus.

Saturday afternoon I will yet again experience the railroads of Belarus by heading up to the town Vitsebsk in northern part of the country.
Famous for being the birthplace and home of my favourite painter and sculpture, Marc Chagall.
This is the reason why I managed to plan and squeeze in a short visit to Vitsebsk.
Spending less then 24 hours but all in the honour and admiration of the Marc, I will on Sunday evening once again climb up the footsteps into the train wagon and be transported for 11 hours through the country.

Finally early Monday morning I will reach the platform of the city Hrodno in western Belarus.
A city which was almost untouched during the last war which makes it the most interesting as it still stands with the older types of houses and architecture.
Also a Swedish piece of history is availible as the Swedish Army in January 1706 seiged Hrodno during the Great Northern War, trapping the Russian army.

Then late evening on Tuesday or early morning Wednesday I will be leaving the counrty of Belarus and travel back to Warsaw for the flight back to Prague and work.
If they let me out of the country that is.

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