A few days left and “the year of the lord” 2012 comes to its end.
Was this a year of travelling in my life?
Thinking of that question I do have to answer yes, but not as much as I would have liked.
Reason for that are personal and I am not gonna disclose them here but that is how it is sometimes.
With a new year at the doorstep I can make a new years resolution for 2013 and I will. I guess the people who knows me can fairly easy figure out what that one will be 🙂

Yes, I will travel more and I have already planned where and when but for certain reasons I can not post them here yet but as 2013 progress it will be revealed to everyone. A few knows already but I trust that they keep it to themselves for the time being.

So where did I travel in 2012?

Tropical Island Germany

Tropical Island Germany

First place I travelled to was Krausnick, Germany to try out the Tropical Island which is situated in a hangar that from the beginning was gonna house the new started project of zeppelins to be built in the 21st century. Being the world’s largest indoor waterpark at 66,000 m² it is an interesting place for a weekend but very pricy.

Second place I travelled to was actually when I went back to Sofia, Bulgaria again for work for 3½ weeks initially. However two days after my arrival to Sofia the airline that I had flown with, Malev – Hungarian Airlines, went bankrupt and left me stranded without any return ticket. In the end I stayed an additional 1½ week in Sofia. This period in February saw the worst winter in Bulgaria since the 1960s and several surrounding countries declared a state of emergency due to the amount of snow falling.

Bansko Bulgaria

Bansko Bulgaria

However being a northerner I quite enjoyed the -26 degrees in Sofia and heaps of snow. A weekend in the ski resort of Bansko was the highlight of the 5 week stay in Bulgaria. Also managed to do a short travel of 4 days visiting Kosovo which is only 6 hours bus ride away from Sofia. An area in great struggle due to economics but also because of governance by a foreign administration. Odd part though is that they have a huge love for former US president Bill Clinton who also have his own statue in the capital Pristina.

Newborn monument in Pristina - Kosovo

Newborn monument in Pristina – Kosovo

Beginning of April saw a weekend in the Polish mountain city of Karpacz with friends for a party weekend shortly followed by a long week of travel in Sweden during easter to visit my family.

A second visit to Sicily was done in end of May. This time I travelled there for a whole week rather just for a few days like the first visit in 2011. It became a week with a lot of thoughts, sights, experiences, friends, food and a shitload of amazing gelato. Also it was the first time I tried a “real” Italian pizza and I must admit that I was deeply disappointed as the Capricciosa that I ordered was served with green peas, a whole egg(!) and a sausage on it. Strange mix and the taste was deeply spoiled by the green peas.

Siculiana Sicily

Siculiana Sicily

Then it was fairly calm until end of July when a 2 week vacation to Albania started.
Driving from Prague to Albania and back covering 4002 km of roads in different conditions and surfaces left a lot of impressions and knowledge as well as sights and memories. Some captured on camera and some only captured in my mind until my last breath. A beautiful country that is quickly rising up to European standards.

Valbone Valley -  Albania

Valbone Valley – Albania

Back in Prague in mid August I ended up to visit another Polish city, Zywiec,  in the end of August for a weekend with other CS people for some hiking in the surrounding mountains.

September was more organized into some small trips within the Czech borders to discover the Moravian area and its Kingdom of Wallachia, a micro nation founded in 1997 by a Czech photographer. The last day of August I found myself in a car going to Florence in Italy for another weekend together with a person I consider to be one of my closest friends here in Prague.

My younger sister visited me for a week in October and we ended up to visit the German capital Berlin for a weekend as she has never been there and for me it had been almost two years since I last visited Berlin. A city which I really love and want to visit several times more over. A city I believe I could live in at some point provided I would manage to get a job in the area which is very hard due to unemployment and economics.

Alexanderplatz Berlin

Alexanderplatz Berlin

That was the last trip outside the Czech borders for this year bringing it all to a total of 83 days outside the borders of the country that I call my home for the past 6½ years.

Next year is off to a really rough start but I will manage.


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